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Novelbound, the book comedy podcast dives into books your English teacher is obsessed with, all the books your teacher probably had everyone read and you hated it…until you read the books. Janine Clements is a cool teacher, and hops on the podcast to share her favorites and a few stories of hilarious moments in her […]

Classics, Young Adult Books

March 1, 2021

Books Your English Teacher is Obsessed With

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You’ve probably seen it, heard of it, rewatched it, or maybe avoided it. Regardless, Bridgerton is everywhere. Can’t get enough of the ballgowns and drama? We got you! Our books that will satisfy your most posh Jane Austen, Old Victorian England daydreams. As an added bonus, all the books we recommend are on the cleaner […]

Classics, Fiction, Young Adult Books

February 1, 2021

If You Like Bridgerton, Read This!

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As every book lover knows, for every hundred books you read there’s bound to be at least one or two that you just can’t make it all the way through. In this episode of Novelbound, we dive into the books on our shelves that we just can NOT finish. Anna starts off the list by […]

Classics, Fiction, Young Adult Books

January 29, 2021

Books that we just COULD NOT FINISH

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We have a straight-up TREAT for your ears this week. We brought on one of our favorite slam poetry writers and he shares some of his deepest (and also romantic) ones. We dissect them and share the embarrassing Facebook posts full of angst and discuss the power of writing to tell a story in such […]

Classics, Poetry

December 21, 2020

THIS POETRY SLAMS. (Deep dive into the good stuff with Jacob Jacobson)

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Celine and Anna kick off this episode of Novelbound with some embarrassing Facebook posts from their teenage years, and a cringeworthy moment in Chipotle where Celine may have told a man she was betrothed. Throughout this episode Anna and Celine dive into the world of old literature. Books that are classics that get slept on […]


December 18, 2020

Old Books You Shouldn’t Be Sleeping On

Celine and Anna from Novelbound a comedy book podcast sitting on cobblestone walkway in downtown knoxville laughing during novelbound podcast shoot
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In this episode of Novelbound, Celine and Anna talk about things they never thought would ever make it on air. Like why in the world they started this podcast, the feelings they felt before launch day, and how they got their motivation to keep this going. But the big topic for this episode is perspective […]


November 29, 2020

Books that Changed Our Perspective (And Our Weirdest Breakup Stories!)

Celine from Novelbound podcast reading books in Knoxville forest
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Ever had a book that you never wanted to stop reading? That brought you back to a perfect time and feeling? Anna and Celine share a hint at the episode THEY COULDN’T RECORD BECAUSE HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL THE CONTENT THEY TRIED TO COVER ENDED UP BEING SO INAPPROPRIATE and discuss the books that they […]

Classics, Dystopian, Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads

November 23, 2020

Books You Can Get LOST In

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