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We’re talking all things, books we’d sell our soul to read again for the first time. You guys already know the books we’ve been raving about for months, but this time we dove DEEP into our bookshelves to find ones we haven’t talked about as much on the podcast! Here are some books that we […]

Dystopian, Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads, Young Adult Books

March 23, 2021

Books We’d Sell Our Souls To Read For the First Time

young woman standing over balcony in knoxville talking about books we'd sell our souls to reread
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It’s the cliche of all cliches….”don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, we’re breaking all the rules in this episode and judging 9 different books by reading their covers to each other and having the other judge what she thinks will happen. From vampires to cursed French women, we’re COVERing (haha get it?) books […]

Dystopian, Fantasy, Fiction

February 15, 2021

Judging Books by their Covers

young women leaning against a brick wall holding favorite books
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Ever had a book that you never wanted to stop reading? That brought you back to a perfect time and feeling? Anna and Celine share a hint at the episode THEY COULDN’T RECORD BECAUSE HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL THE CONTENT THEY TRIED TO COVER ENDED UP BEING SO INAPPROPRIATE and discuss the books that they […]

Classics, Dystopian, Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads

November 23, 2020

Books You Can Get LOST In

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