March 1, 2021

Books Your English Teacher is Obsessed With

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Novelbound, the book comedy podcast dives into books your English teacher is obsessed with, all the books your teacher probably had everyone read and you hated it…until you read the books. Janine Clements is a cool teacher, and hops on the podcast to share her favorites and a few stories of hilarious moments in her class. 

Celine and Anna start off the podcast with a question and answer session with Janine getting in the head of an English teacher. Next, Janine shares her favorite books. First, To Kill a Mockingbird. A book we’re pretty sure everyone read in high school and hated at first, but grew to love. The novel is based in a small southern town. It focuses on the importance of human behaviors that went on to later win a Pulitzer Prize in 1961. 

Janine shares another few books she obsessed over, The Help, Grapes of Wrath, the Harry Potter series, and lastly Hunger Games. While these books all seem vastly different they share similar themes of strength and growth. 

Grapes of Wrath based and written during the Great Depression follows a small family. This family was forced to leave their home and travel to California in hopes of a better life. The story follows the tough times America faced being divided by their possessions. 

celine smiling at the camera in downtown knoxville

Harry Potter is a cult classic written by J.K. Rowling and dives into the wizarding world of Hogwarts. One of Celine and Anna’s all time favorites (that has a whole episode dedicated to the first book), a series following a young boy who finds out his family secret and more about himself than he ever knew before. 

The Hunger Games puts the question, would you be able to survive on your own with everyone out to get you? To the test. A group of young teens aged 12-18 are put into the wilderness to fight for their life and be the last one standing, during the annual Hunger Games. 

Anna and Celine share their recommendations next, Kite Runner and Ender’s Game. Both books are classics in their own right and Enders Game made a huge splash when it debuted and won the 1985 Nebula Award for Best Novel. 

Wanna listen to the whole hilarious episode about books your english teacher was obsessed with? Check it out! Have an idea for an episode? Send us a message!

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