We want you to feel like we're your best friends.

We're trying to make the comfort food of podcasts.

in pure desperation to avoid being lonely.

In the tiny town of Rexburg, Idaho, we met and began dishing about the best of books & the insanity that we lived so far from a Target.

 One of the things that was so special about our friendship was that it wasn't just about the surface level stuff- we could talk about the things that mattered and that inspired us- about heartache and joy. 

When we both moved away, we  realized that we were missing that weekly connection we had when we would see each other, so we thought we'd create THE PERFECT EXCUSE to continue our friendship- and share it with you.

We know what it's like to feel lost, isolated and a little down. We know what it's like to crave friendship and discussion about things that make people happy. We wanted to create a little happy piece of the world, where people could listen and feel good about their lives and be entertained. 

I've always loved reading and the feeling of reading an attention grabbing book that I can't put down.

I've always felt a little nerdy (and I'm totally proud of it. now!) I graduated with my Bachelors after I just turned 20, and have LOVED learning every single day. I met my husband at the library by being his tutor, and I seduced him with *pure wit*.

 I now live in Knoxville, Tennessee with my toddler and husband, and work as a photographer and videographer on top of running this podcast. I can't wait to get to know you better through this podcast!

Hey y'all, I'm celine!

i'm anna!

 I can't put down a good book. 
Fantasy and romance? YA? Happy ending?

I'm originally from Virginia (because I'm classy AF)
but currently live in Utah with my husband and son. 

When I'm not reading, I'm obsessed with sewing, thrifting, working out and making my homemade pasta sauce. Lincoln, my son, rules my world and I love him- and this podcast is my way of showing the world some joy.


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