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We’re obsessed with this book and honestly couldn’t stop ourselves from recapping it! The funniest part is when Celine LIVE REACTS to Anna dropping the end of Dance of Thieves and they talk about the next book (spoiler-free!) All of this in preparation for our book club that we’re hosting THIS WEEK! Anna opens the […]

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June 6, 2021

The One Where We Scream About Dance of Thieves pt.1&2

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This is ANOTHER Guilty Pleasure episode, and honestly, sorry not sorry y’all. Guilty pleasures will always hold a special place in our heart, there’s just something about HAVING to stay up late to find out WHEN THEY’LL FINALLY KISS, or JUST WHAT SHE WAS HIDING THE WHOLE TIME! In this episode, we talk about exactly that and why it’s so important to get that tension, right??(wink wink). What would your guilty pleasure books be?!

Guilty Pleasure Reads, Q&A

June 6, 2021

Guilty Pleasures ep.2

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Celine and Anna talk about what it’s like to live with boys as an opener to the podcast. So, Boys, if you are here, plug your ears. Then discuss their favorite enemies to lover’s books!

Fantasy, Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads

April 19, 2021

Enemies to Lovers Trope

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We’re talking all things, books we’d sell our soul to read again for the first time. You guys already know the books we’ve been raving about for months, but this time we dove DEEP into our bookshelves to find ones we haven’t talked about as much on the podcast! Here are some books that we […]

Dystopian, Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads, Young Adult Books

March 23, 2021

Books We’d Sell Our Souls To Read For the First Time

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We recorded our Instagram Live from earlier this week of us reacting to A Court of Thorns and Roses. Listen in to this week’s bonus episode to hear what our inner romantics can (and what our Christian hearts CAN’T) take, as we dive head-first into Sarah J. Maas’s captivating series. Check out the hilarious live reactions […]

Fantasy, Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads

March 2, 2021

Bonus Episode! A Court of Thorns and Roses Live Reactions (part 1)

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This week we talk about our favorite reads of 2020! We talk about “Serpent and Dove” and just how much we love how crass Lou is. How “Boy Next Story: A Bookish Boyfriends Novel” gives us the happy ending we all desperately wanted  in little women with Jo. We touch on just how draining toddlers […]

Fantasy, Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads

December 29, 2020

Our Favorite Reads of 2020 (and what we’re excited for next year!)

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Ever had a book that you never wanted to stop reading? That brought you back to a perfect time and feeling? Anna and Celine share a hint at the episode THEY COULDN’T RECORD BECAUSE HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL THE CONTENT THEY TRIED TO COVER ENDED UP BEING SO INAPPROPRIATE and discuss the books that they […]

Classics, Dystopian, Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads

November 23, 2020

Books You Can Get LOST In

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The best books have the best villains. Villains make the character’s story so much more powerful and keep us hanging on the edge of our seats. We share our favorite characters we love to hate, ranging from old classics to new YA Fiction. It’s gonna be a good one, y’all.  Ready to listen in? Here […]

Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads, Young Adult Books

November 18, 2020

Characters We Love To Hate

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We’re about to spill some TEA. From Prince Cardan in the Cruel Prince, to Vampire Academy’s weird love affair, to Ron’s relationship with Lavender Brown, we’re talking about all the ways these boys were the worst. Cue John Ralphio.We also talk about Mr. Collins, and the Thirst Trap of Lydia Bennett and ohmygosh, WICKHAM. THE […]

Fiction, Guilty Pleasure Reads, Historical Fiction

November 17, 2020

Toxic Book Boyfriends & Thirsty Ladies of Our Favorite Novels

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Celine and Anna discuss guilty pleasures that kept them up at night, made them blush, and are kind of embarrassing to talk about in front of people. You know what they’re talking about.  Cue the angsty teenager writing her songs about heartbreak and long lost boys.  Anna talks about her experience with her local library […]

Guilty Pleasure Reads, Young Adult Books

November 3, 2020

Teaser Episode : Our Guilty Pleasure Reads

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