March 23, 2021

Books We’d Sell Our Souls To Read For the First Time

We’re talking all things, books we’d sell our soul to read again for the first time. You guys already know the books we’ve been raving about for months, but this time we dove DEEP into our bookshelves to find ones we haven’t talked about as much on the podcast! Here are some books that we LOVED reading and will be screaming about for a solid 45 minutes. We also discuss how this podcast started and the STRUGGLE of female friendships and what a joy it is when you find someone you can trust! 

Ever found a book you loved so much, and try and read again and it just isn’t the same? Those are the books we’re talking about. The ones that kept you up all night reading til the early morning to find out what happens and who did it. Throughout the episode Celine and Anna talk about books they would die to read again through fresh eyes. 

two girls talking all things favorite books and their favorite podcast novelbound

Anna kicks off the episode with Starcrossed. Comparing this to Percy Jackson and recounting her obsessed with Greek mythology. This book dives into the world of Helen Hamilton, a 16 year old who has always tried to hide what makes her special and unique. Which wasn’t easy to do where she lived, a small island, Nantucket. She continues to have nightmares and daily hallucinations that leave her reeling. Enter Lucas Delos, Helen tries to figure out how he fits in and if the incredible forces around them will pull them together, or try to tear them apart.  

Celine talks about one of her all time favorites, These Broken Stars. If she could sell her soul and read this book with fresh eyes, Celine would do it. If you like fantasy, romance and a little bit of adventure, this book is for you. It’s a 3 part series with 3 different worlds, 3 love stories and one shared enemy. 

Another fan favorite, the Cinder series. Cinder is another incredibly magical and unique dystopian filled series. A world filled with humans and androids, in New Beijing. With a plague and ruthless Lunar people from space awaiting their every move. Cinder, a young girl, a cyborg, and the weight of the Earth’s fate is on her shoulders. Facing family struggles, and being hated by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness, Cinder continues to face adversity and charm the readers along the way. A retelling of the classic Cinderella with a dystopian twist. 

Anna, of novelbound podcast holding her favorite books and walking down the streets of Nashville

A Crown of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas, is one that Celine and Anna would die to be able to read again for the first time. Filled with incredible adventure, and friendships if you haven’t read this yet. Start with A Crown of Thorn and Roses. This is one of the books we’d sell our souls to read this for the first time, any day of the week. It’s THAT GOOD.

Harry Potter is a series that is so good, Anna rereads it yearly. It’s a book that has been so popular and full of so much hype for years and is still as amazing and magical as it was when it first came out. Anna says, “Harry Potter is a literary masterpiece.” It’s a series that can be passed on and is so timeless and classic. 

Fable, Shadow and Bone, and Six of Crows are books that Anna and Celine will be forever obsessed with. 

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