March 29, 2021

The Dark Days Club : Book 1

Welcome to the Dark Days Club. Celine picked this book up at a local library and immediately fell in love with it and had to go back to check out all the rest of the books. This series is written by the amazing author, Allison Goodman. In a few words, think Bridgerton mixed with demon-hunting. Bridgerton mixed with the City of Bones series. This book has got it all! Historical romance, magic, MURDER?? We love it!

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The book opens as 18-year-old Lady Helen is on the eve of her debut royal presentation when a housemaid goes missing. She gives in to her curiosity and decides to use her wits to get to the bottom of it. Soon she discovers the shadows of London and unlocks dark conspiracies and secrets that threaten to destroy her world. The book opens with her explaining that both her parents died many years ago. Although many assume this is because they were traitors to the crown, Helen wants to believe that they were the good people she knew them to be.

We love Lady Helen’s character, she is undeniably intelligent and behaves like a total classy-young-lady of her era. It is soon explained how she also has an uncanny ability to read people’s faces and emotions.

She meets Lord Carlston, a tall, dark man lurking in the shadows with a dark reputation to match (classic “misunderstood bad boy” vibes). He is mysterious, and alluring, and is soon guiding her to a hidden world full of horrible creatures. Lady Helen finds herself torn between trusting the Dark Days Club and minding her business and sticking to being a royal classy lady. She must decide who she is… and who she must be.

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The Dark Days Club has no trouble immersing you completely into its world of royalty and mystery. Allison Goodman truly did her research into the era, the accuracy and amount of detail are immaculate. There is a true sense of authenticity, which makes for an amazingly enveloping story. We kept this post-spoiler-free for those out there who haven’t yet read it — check out our podcast episode which goes into allll the good stuff here or our other blog posts here!

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