April 5, 2021

Interview with Bestselling Author Alison Goodman

This episode is especially near and dear to our hearts. We never thought we’d get the chance to record something like this. We are so grateful and excited to share our interview with the amazing New York Times bestselling author Alison Goodman! Some of her books include Eon and Eona and, our newest favorite, The Dark Days Club trilogy. We reached out to Alison about coming to our show to talk about all things books. We were blown away when we realized that she not only replied… she agreed!

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We got to ask Alison about how she got started writing. She got her bachelor’s degree in professional writing and absolutely loved her university experience. In fact, she got her first publication while in school — a piece about tea. If you were wondering Alison prefers chai tea, with milk. She got the opportunity to write a science-fiction YA story for the anthology, her first time writing a science-fiction story. Out of that, a publisher asked if she could write another book with the same character. In the end, a publisher in Australia and then Penguin in America picked up the story. Alison recognizes it can be hard being a young author. She emphasized that there will be good times on the journey, as well as very, very hard times. She encourages aspiring authors to pick themselves up, revisit if necessary, and keep sending it out.

We also got to discuss her first book in the Dark Days Club. We have a whole episode re-capping and obsessing over that you can listen to here if you haven’t yet. Alison likes to make her main characters the moral center, and thus likable. Part of Lady Helen’s journey is she has internalized society’s oppression. This requires her to push her own limits of what she believes she is capable of. Alison said keeping Lady Helen a lady through all of the obstacles in the story was amazing fun, though challenging.

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We could go on and on about our time spent interviewing author Alison Goodman for pages. But in order to prevent spoilers, you’ll have to listen to the rest on our newest podcast episode. Check out our full interview with New York Times bestselling author Alison Goodman here!

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