Caroline’s Porsche is discovered at the bottom of a creek, but instead of her body, she’d left a cryptic message that Eleanor can’t decode. 

Eleanor’s only lead is an infamous secret society their family has been in for generations. Thrown into a world of complex initiations, endless mind games, and generations of buried corruption, Eleanor must determine who she can trust. Even with Eleanor’s whip-smart intelligence, she struggles in the dangerous games that pits initiates against each other. 

even the most carefully guarded secrets can prove deadly in the wrong hands.

She wants to trust a dreamy lacrosse player who’s kept her alive through every obstacle, but Eleanor knows Regan O’Malley is haunted by dark secrets of his own.  

BUT one thing she’s
 Learned is that

Regan O’Malley’s family had always been prestigious.
Until his father’s mysterious death left them penniless and shrouded in scandal.

Regan’s only chance at uncovering the truth and saving his mother is to re-enter that glittering world and join the Glass Brigade after he discovers his father was more involved than he’d implied.   

From Cliffside escapes, to mysterious forest carnivals, to ghost towns and haunted snowy mansions where several initiates might not make it out alive… they will risk everything to find out the truth.

In a world where money is never sparse, they can’t afford to share secrets.

Eleanor must determine who in her circle caused Caroline’s disappearance and who has been pulling strings to sabotage the initiations that become deadlier at every turn.

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